Audio/Video Recording and Production

JLA Music offers audio and video recording and production services. Our work can be found on iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, YouTube, in retail stores, and elsewhere. We specialize in doing recording projects for soloists and small groups. While we can record and multi-track virtually any instrument or voice to make a complete recording, we can augment a recording by using specially-composed, arranged, and synthesized parts to fill out the recording.

Jeff Anvinson, the owner of JLA Music, is a university-trained musician with 35 years of broad experience in music in the US, China, Brazil, Canada, and Australia. He has learned from some of the best teachers around, including studying orchestration with a Pulitzer-prize-winning composer and performing in a master class led by a multi-Grammy-Award-winning guitarist. His recordings and videos showcase his expertise in a number of areas, such as composition, counterpoint, orchestration, arranging, and performing. Clients of JLA Music will benefit from his background and experience.

Some Examples of Jeff Anvinson's Work

Digital Single "You Are an Angel"

You Are an Angel by Jeff Anvinson, a digital single available on iTunes and Amazon

In 2017, Jeff Anvinson, the owner/operator of JLA Music, composed, recorded, mastered, and released an original song, "You Are an Angel". It features three young musicians, all under thirteen years old, in three small but critical parts. Jeff sang and played the remaining parts, or programmed synthesizers to play the parts. A song of hope and love, it is available as a digital single for 99¢ at iTunes and Amazon. The website for the song is

The "Roar" Project

In the spring of 2014, JLA Music arranged, recorded, and produced an unusual recording of the pop song "Roar". The artists involved were current and former music students at JLA Music, ranging in age from 6 to 14 years old. Aside from the percussion and bass parts - which were recorded by Jeff Anvinson, the owner of JLA Music - a group of fifteen young singers, guitarists, and keyboardists recorded each part individually. Each child was given sheet music (arranged by Jeff) to learn and record in individual sessions. The resulting recording involved three singers, seven guitarists, and five keyboardists, with one child recording all three! The students got the opportunity to experience the recording process first hand. Once the children finished recording a combined total of four vocal parts, three guitar parts, and four keyboard parts, Jeff mixed and mastered the recording. Based on suggestions from the students, he created the art and produced the CD. Each student got their own copy of the finished recording. The children did an incredible job and they get to brag about taking part in the recording of an entire song!



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