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Finale Music Notation Issues

This is a video I created that documents a variety of strange issues I've been having over the last few weeks (today is Tuesday, August 29, 2023) with Finale notation software. It consists of a long screen capture recording of about twelve minutes or so. I edited the video, adding music and comments, while cutting the length down to about four minutes. The issues are apparently mostly to do with fonts, but some others are unexplaind at this point.

The accompanying music is from two sources - 1) an original extemporized first section, 2) followed by music I produced from memory for which I don't know the title or origin of the melody. I want to properly license the latter (the former is copyrighted in my name) so if you recognize it, please contact me so I can make arrangements to properly compensate the composer(s).

The music was an afterthought, tongue-in-cheek in part, and as an expression of my frustration with the Finale issues. I have used Finale for decades and rely on it daily to do a number of things, such as publish, compose, arrange, write pedagogical music and articles, import and export, etc. It is a critical part of my daily workflow and the current issues have taken up a great deal of time. The Makemusic company is working hard on the issues, but it may take some time to resolve apparently. So please forgive the rather dark and sardonic nature of the music. I hope it can be taken as a bit of fun despite the difficulty of the problems.

My thanks go to George Litterst of TimeWarp Technologies, the makers of SuperScore for the iPad, for taking the time to troubleshoot font issues.

If you have any solutions to suggest for the issues shown in this video, please offer them.

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