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Trying to pick music for your wedding? Jeff of JLA Music can help you out! First, listen to the samples on this page for something you like. This is just a short list of classical pieces that you might find appropriate. But if these don't turn your crank - or should we say light your candle - then there are many other pieces available for a wedding (including jazz, pop, country, blues, and even ragtime ones). If you have something particular in mind, please feel free to suggest it. Jeff can play pretty much anything you would want - except rap of course! ;-) He can sing too.

NOTE: All of these clips were informally recorded by Jeff Anvinson (warts and all!) and the recordings are copyrighted. All rights are reserved. Please contact JLA Music at for permission before you distribute them in any way.

Wedding Music Page
Jeff Anvinson Jeff Anvinson
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Allegretto moderato. Fernando Sor

Courante. Anonymous

Allegretto. Fernando Sor

Suite in F: Air, Adagio. Heinz Bischoff

Ballett. Georg Leopold Fuhrmann

Derr fuggerin Tanz. Melchior Neusidler

French Galliarde. Unknown Composer

Gigue. David Kellner

Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring. J.S. Bach

Kemp's Jig. Unknown Composer

Sleeper's Awake. J.S. Bach

Jeff Anvinson

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